Tourismusmagazin Sächsische Schweiz erschienenPublication of the Saxon Switzerland tourism magazine

Publication of the Saxon Switzerland tourism magazine

Can travel still be exciting without flying halfway around the globe? That’s what we wanted to find out on behalf of the Saxon Switzerland Tourism Association, which has recommissioned our press division THIEL Creative Content with writing the copy for its most important printed medium, ‘Saxon Switzerland – your holiday magazine’.

The magazine, which appears once a year and has an annual circulation of over 200,000 in Germany, encourages readers to seek small-scale adventure without stepping outside national borders. The official tourism magazine for this national park region to the south-east of Dresden provides travellers and hikers with 140 pages of inspiration, information about nature conservation, sustainable tourism, places to visit, family attractions, the most recently opened sites and sporting and cultural highlights.

The latest issue is titled ‘Natürlich unglaublich’ – in other words, ‘naturally incredible’. It is devoted to the bizarre beauty of this region and its table mountains, whose proximity to one another is seen nowhere else in the world. Several hundred landscape photographs document the wide variety of shaped rocks in this region and trace the diversity of local scenery at different times of day and through the changing seasons.

Our authors take readers on hikes along the Elbe Sandstone Mountains Malerweg Trail in summer and winter, showing them the most beautiful places to take a breather, the most fantastic family adventures, the key palaces, castles and gardens, as well as the most traditional mountain inns. They recount fascinating tales of exiled mistresses, singing mountaineers, volunteer theatre-makers, committed local historians and many other characters, each with their passionate ties to the region.

The magazine revolves around the local countryside – the incredible natural beauty of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains – and outlines the numerous different ways in which to explore the area: hiking, climbing, cycling or by boat. At the end of the magazine, there is a useful information section containing the most important addresses as well as the dates of next season’s events.

The 2020 edition of ‘Saxon Switzerland – you holiday magazine’ can be ordered free of charge at or downloaded as an e-magazine.