Hotel-PRLuxury hotel PR in Germany

Luxury hotel PR in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

THIEL Public Relations provides effective public relations solutions for luxury hotels and resorts around the world who target the key markets in German-speaking Europe.

Our hotel PR campaigns make luxury hotels better known in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

  • We position luxury hotels on the German markets.
  • We introduce and promote new hotel brands, products, specials and packages.
  • We build consumer confidence and trust in our clients' luxury hotels.
  • We revitalize and re-establish luxury hotel brands on the German markets.
  • We generate positive public awareness.
  • We reach and convince opinion leaders and industry partners.
  • We reinforce our clients' hotel sales promotion campaigns in Germany and beyond.

And more appealing to a variety of key audiences.

  • the travelling public
  • business and leisure travellers
  • potential guests or customers
  • tour operators and wholesalers
  • travel agents
  • hotel and restaurant guide publishers
  • events and incentive planners

We spread the word about luxury hotels among key journalists and media.

Our hotel PR campaigns reach about 2,500 relevant travel journalists and hotel critics in German-speaking Europe working for more than 1,000 media outlets in Germany, Austria and German-speaking Switzerland.

  • national daily and weekly key newspapers and newsmagazines
  • travel magazines
  • business travel magazines
  • wellness and lifestyle magazines
  • women's magazines
  • food magazines
  • architecture magazines
  • interior design magazines
  • general travel trade publications
  • magazines for event, conference and incentive planers
  • hospitality magazines
  • on-board magazines
  • various costumer magazines

We use powerful hotel PR tools to deliver excellent results.

  • Hotel PR strategy
    We suggest an effective hotel PR strategy for the German market and further develop it into a detailed and transparent PR activity and budget plan.
  • Audience and media targeting
    We identify our clients' key target audiences and key target media to be addressed by our hotel PR campaigns.
  • Media information
    We research, write and enhance basic media information about our clients' luxury hotels – including fact sheets, background articles and more.
  • Hotel press kits
    We edit, design, produce and distribute your German press kit.
  • Press releases
    We concept, write and distribute press releases about our clients' hotels among the German media.
  • Story exposés
    We research, write and pitch story exposés.
  • Virtual press office
    We build and maintain virtual press offices as 24-hour access points for up-to-date and in-depth German media information about our clients' hotels.
  • Relation building
    On behalf our clients around the world, we establish and cultivate constructive relationships with leading travel journalists, hotel critics and food critics in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
  • Media visits
    We organize individual and group media visits to our clients' luxury hotels.
  • Hotel websites
    We produce and maintain the German part of our clients' websites.
  • Hotel brochures
    We produce German hotel brochures.

And on top of that ...

  • Reporting 
    We closely document all PR activities, budget use and media coverage.
  • Alliances
    We forge co-operative alliances with industry partners to facilitate joint marketing activities.
  • Tradeshow PR
    We organise and execute media relations activities at ITB and other key tourism tradeshows throughout German-speaking Europe.
  • Special events
    We concept and produce special promotional and media events in Germany.
  • Newsletters
    We produce and distribute consumer and business newsletters for the German-speaking market.
  • Advertising localisation and copywriting
    We deliver high-end translations and original copywriting for promotional material – such as websites, brochures, menus etc.