Lausitzer SeenlandLusatian Lakeland

Photo: Nada Quenzel

Lusatian Lakeland

In the Lusatian Lakeland, between Dresden and Berlin, the largest man-made lakes landscape in Europe is taking shape. THIEL Public Relations is handling national publicity and PR work for this new holiday destination.

The lunar landscape left behind by earlier opencast brown coal mining between Berlin and Dresden has been turned into an attractive holiday destination in a very short time. In the Lusatian Lakeland over 20 flooded lakes and navigable canals are being developed to become the biggest lakes and water landscape in Europe. The region is especially attractive for water-loving holidaymakers, water sports and cyclists. The Lusatian Lakeland also has much to offer the cultural visitor as well: Witnesses of the opencast mining industry are preserved as museum exhibits, or entertainment venues where they will be enjoying a new lease of life.

Our services for the Lusatian Lakeland:

  • theme planning for news services and press releases
  • establishing and management of an online press office and
  • research for, creation and distribution of news items and press releases