Dresden ElblandDresden Elbland

Moritzburg Castle - Photo: Martin Förster/Tourismusverband Sächsisches Elbland e.V.


Dresden Elbland

Dresden Elbland is a dream destination for sophisticated travellers: historic towns, cities and vineyards, castles, parks and gardens, Meissen porcelain and fine wines carry visitors away into the heyday of the former Electorate of Saxony. THIEL Public Relations plans and executes regional media relations acvitities for this impressive tourism destination.

About Dresden Elbland:

Dresden Elbland is the cradle of Saxon wine-growing and of European porcelain. Here too in the year 929, the precursors of today's Free State of Saxony were created with the building of the castle and establishment of the Margraviate of Meissen. In the course of time, the seat of government passed to nearby Dresden. This is the reason that much of the flair of the old electorate has been preserved. The land left and right of the Elbe is open, gently rolling hills with fields, vineyards, little villages and historic towns. Walkers here will repeatedly be tempted to pause, take stock and enjoy between Mediaeval, Renaissance, Baroque and the present day.

PR services THIEL Public Relations provides for the Dresden Elbland:

  • Research, compilation and dispatch of themed services and press releases
  • PR photography
  • Radio PR

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